Oh my gosh, where has Nuts Over Fish been all my life? I am trying it right now for the first time and it is soooo good!!! -- Melanie S

Recipe for a perfectly sensational meal: Sustainable Salmon topped with Nuts Over Fish Pecan Topping, accompanied by locally sourced potatoes and a tricolor carrot medley! First time I've tried your product. It was absolutely delish! Can't wait to try the rest! -- Rosanne M

Enjoying your product- Pistachio topping. Just wanted to let you know that I impulsively used it over pasta one night (after drizzling pasta with olive oil) and it was YUMMY! Just sprinkled over a baked potato- ditto- YUMMY! So as you know, it's more than nuts over fish, although great on fish, too.
So...THANKS! -- Barbara B

We used Nuts Over Fish Topping and my daughter gobbled the fish up! It was delicious! -- Hadley B

We enjoyed Nuts Over Fish Pistachio Topping SO much. I got some lovely fresh cod last week and we used your product….with a splash of lemon, it was to die for! -- Wendy H

We tried your Pistachio Nut Topping over flounder = YUMMY! -- Mark F