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Do You Believe These Fish Myths?

If you’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more fish and seafood into your diet, there are plenty of resources available to help you out. There are, however, quite a few sources of bad information out there as well. At Nuts Over Fish, we don’t just make delicious breadcrumb alternatives for fish. We also have a mission to tell everyone why fish is an easy and delicious addition to any healthy diet. So towards that goal, we want to clear up any misconceptions about eating fish.


In this article, we’re looking at three common myths about eating fish and why they’re just not true.


Fresh is always better than frozen.

This may have been true back in the day, but not anymore. When freezers first become common in both stores and homes, they were nowhere near as efficient as they are today. Freezers used to take a long time to freeze the food, which made it lose both moisture and nutrients. Now, freezers work much faster, so fish and other foods freeze while they are still fresh, locking in flavor, texture, and nutrients. So if your favorite fish is only available frozen, you have no reason not to buy it!


Cooking fish is difficult.

Many people are put off from eating fish at home because they think it’s hard to cook. If you read our last post about how to bake your fish perfectly every time, you know that’s just not true. But if you don’t want to bake your fish, it’s easy to grill or saute as well. Where most people go wrong is that they cook it too long. Just like anything, it will take you a few tries to land on your favorite method, but it’s easy to cook delicious fish on the first try. And it’s even better when you use Nuts Over Fish toppings as breadcrumb alternatives on your favorite fish!


Seafood is too expensive.

When you look at a restaurant menu, the fish dishes do tend to have higher price tags, but that doesn’t reflect the prices of all fish. All foods have more and less expensive options, and fish is no exception. Check out the options at your local fish market or grocery store, and you’ll see that they have many affordable options along with the pricier fare.


Ready to add more fish to your diet? Start tonight with Nuts Over Fish! Our toppings are healthy and delicious breadcrumbs alternatives for fish that are easy to use. Order online or find us in a store near you!