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Make Fish for Your Holiday Dinner

There are many things that go into our holiday celebrations, but food is a huge part of them. And with all those delicious options served up by our friends and family, it can be hard to eat healthy. When you’re trying to come up with healthy and delicious meal options for the holiday season, don’t forget one of your best options: fish! If having fish for your holiday meal seems odd, there are actually many countries where fish is the traditional holiday dinner option. With these traditions behind you and breadcrumb alternatives from Nuts Over Fish, you have the ingredients for a delicious holiday dinner!


These are just a few of the countries where fish is a traditional part of the holiday meal.



In Southern Italy, fish is an integral part of the Christmas celebration. The meal is called the “Feast of the Seven Fishes” and, as you probably guessed, is a seven-course meal comprised of fish dishes. If you’re not up for cooking seven courses, try this baked fish recipe and use our Sugar-Free Pecan topping!



In Poland, the traditional Christmas Eve meal is called “Wigilia,” from the Latin word for “vigil.” There are twelve dishes in this meal, one for each apostle. The main dish is often carp fried in breadcrumbs and then baked. Carp can be tricky to find, but if your family is of Polish descent and you’d like to try this tradition, it’s worth tracking down. For breadcrumb alternatives, we recommend our Sugar-Free Almond topping!



If you’d prefer fish as an appetizer rather than the main event, look to Finland! Christmas dinner in Finland is often baked ham, rutabaga casserole, and beet salad. But before the Finns dig in, they enjoy a spread of fish cold cuts. It usually includes smoked salmon or gravlax, pickled herring, and fish roe. You can easily find smoked salmon in most grocery stores and it makes a great appetizer no matter what you’re making for your holiday dinner. Why not pick some up along with some Nuts Over Fish topping?


Use Nuts Over Fish Toppings as Breadcrumb Alternatives for Your Holiday Meal!

Our mission at Nuts Over Fish is to make healthy eating easy and accessible to everyone. If you’re making fish for your holiday dinner—or just on an ordinary weeknight—try it with Nuts Over Fish! All six of our flavors make excellent breadcrumb alternatives to make that delicious crust you love on your favorite fish.


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