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We Have the Breadcrumb Alternatives You Need

Do you eat a lot of fish? If not, we think you should! Everyone’s heard the spiel about how good fish is for you, that it’s loaded with good fats and vitamins and minerals that you need. There are a lot of foods that are good for us that we’re often not excited about eating. That’s why we created Nuts Over Fish toppings to make you fall “crazy” in love with fish! Our nut toppings are great breadcrumb alternatives that add just the right texture, flavor, and spice to your favorite fish. Last month, we looked at the flavor profiles of three of our toppings. This month, we’re talking about the other three.


Looking to try out some breadcrumb alternatives on your fish? Try one of these Nuts Over Fish toppings!


Sugar-Free Pecan: Mango, Parsley, Ancho Chile

When roasted, pecans have a caramel-like aroma and crunchy texture, making them the perfect nut for a topping with no added sugar. The slightly sweet flavor blends beautifully with the mango. To keep the topping from being too sweet, we have the fresh and slightly bitter flavor of parsley. Completing the combination of flavors is ancho chile. An earthy, subtle spice, ancho chile isn’t quite as hot as jalapño or habanero, which makes it perfect for adding some heat without overdoing it.


Sugar-Free Almond: Tarragon, Lemon, Chives

Our second almond topping is also sugar-free! This topping is loaded with delicate and complex flavors, including tarragon, which is an herb commonly added to fish. The tart citrus flavor of lemon and the sweet, mild, onion-like flavor of chives combine to make a nut topping full of classic flavors. If you’re looking for breadcrumb alternatives that bring traditional flavors to your fish, our sugar-free almond topping is for you!


Macadamia: Coconut, Pineapple, Ginger

If you’re a fan of tropical flavors, our macadamia topping is for you! Macadamia nuts are not as “nutty” as some other nuts, and their sweet and buttery flavor makes them a great base for other flavors. The tropical flavors in this topping come primarily from coconut and pineapple, which bring a sweet and tangy taste. For a little heat, we included ginger in this topping. As much as we love it on fish, it’s great on desserts, too!


Make easy healthy dinners by using Nuts Over Fish toppings as breadcrumb alternatives! Order online or find them in a store near you.