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Shake Up Thanksgiving with Fish!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and many households are already busily preparing for everyone’s favorite food-centric holiday. While turkey is traditionally the main course, there’s no reason you can’t shake things up. If you’re feeling brave this year, why not make fish for Thanksgiving dinner? And if you’re looking for breadcrumb alternatives for fish that are packed with flavor and nutrients, top it with Nuts Over Fish! All of our toppings are tasty on any fish, but we think our almond toppings (both in the regular and sugar-free variety) have flavor profiles that are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.


Ready to make a bold choice this Thanksgiving? Here’s why we think you should make fish for your holiday meal.


Add Culinary Variety

We understand that many people enjoy the comfort of knowing that the menu for Thanksgiving dinner will be the same every year. But what if you want to mix it up and try something new? We’re all about including new foods into your diet at Nuts Over Fish, and we don’t make exceptions for holiday dinners! So why not bring something new to your Thanksgiving table?


Include Dietary-Restrictive Options

Including fish as part of your Thanksgiving dinner is also a way to include more options for your guests with dietary restrictions or preferences. The vegetarians among your friends and family will still have to content themselves with the sides, but the pescatarians are in luck! There’s no reason for the main course on such an important holiday to only be for people who eat meat.


Make Dinner Easier to Prepare

One of the hallmarks of Thanksgiving is the challenge of preparing everything well and on time. How many times have you carefully calculated the cooking time for your turkey, only for it to be overcooked or undercooked somehow? Fish is much easier to prepare, especially when you use Nuts Over Fish Topping! All you have to do is sprinkle your preferred topping over the fish and bake it according to the weight. It’s simpler, easier, and faster, so you can spend more time with your family and friends.


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Breadcrumb Alternatives for Fish | Nuts Over Fish Topping

If you’re adding fish to your Thanksgiving menu, you can still have the crisp, golden-brown topping without using breadcrumbs! Nuts Over Fish toppings are tasty and healthy breadcrumb alternatives for fish and will make a welcome addition to your Thanksgiving table.


Try our healthy breadcrumb alternatives for fish! Order your favorite variety online or find it in a store near you.